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We hereby employ Zou Shicheng, a leading scholar of the foreign language circles in Guangxi and professor and postgraduate supervisor from Guangxi University for Nationalities as translation adviser and translation professor of the company    Warmly congratulate general manager on becoming member of Translators Association of China and Translators Association of Guangxi
    According to The Bible·The Old Testament, in 612 B.C., near the Euphrates River, over 50 kilometers from the south of Baghdad today, namely the place of Garden of Eden that people dream, the human being determined to build a tower whose top could reach unto the heaven. The human originally spoke the same language, because they could communicate each other and worked together with one heart, the tower touched the sky and seemed to match the sky in height. When the lord Jehovah knew that thing, it couldn’t tolerate the human beings to offend his dignity and prevented them to reach the heaven, it confounded their language and scattered them around the world, finally, they couldn’t understand one anther’s speech, hence construction of Tower of Babel stopped. Tower of Babel may collapse, but the human being never stops their dream, so interpretation and translation are originated as communication bridge and cultural carrier.
    Now, along with the global economic integration and China’s entry into WTO, cross-language and culture exchange and cooperation are increasingly enhanced, Liuzhou City Yisheng Translation Co., Ltd. will contribute itself to clear away the human beings’ language communication barrier so that the human beings can communicate each other, the human beings’ wisdom reach the height of the Lord and the human beings’ dream to build the Tower of Babel can be realized.
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Contructing language bridge,Bridging Chinese and Western Culture
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